Founded by Thomas Davies - Chief Investment Officer of Seedrs



We are very proud to have been chosen to produce the video for Seedrs when they undertook their own crowdfunding round in 2017


And here is some of our other recent work...


Who am I?

          Thomas Davies

          Thomas Davies


I am the Chief Investment Officer of Seedrs. I joined Seedrs as employee  #1 4 months before launch. 


Our clients get the benefit of my many years of experience working in the crowdfunding industry. 


The Bluesky team only services clients of Seedrs. We do not work with any other crowdfunding platform or any other clients. And because I oversee the Seedrs team that is managing the crowdfunding process, the Bluesky team will ensure that the video fits in within the client's crowdfunding schedule, rather than the client fitting in with the video production company's workload. 



"Having the Chief Investment Officer of seedrs looking over our script and then actually shooting the video on set was invaluable to us. It made the process so much easier and was one less thing for us to worry about..."

- ROSE LEWIS, Collider

"We were under a lot of pressure to get a video ready before the tube ads for our crowdfunding campaign went live. We had 3 days! Bluesky shot, edited and produced the final video within days to an exceptionally high standard with minimal changes required. Oh, and the videographer was a really nice guy!"


"We needed a video quickly, and the Bluesky team met us at our Bristol office, shot three interviews, and produced the final video within a few days. An incredibly professional service with a fantastically creative result at the end."


- Gareth Williams, Yellowdog