Our approach to an equity crowdfunding video

It's a documentary

This video will be unlike anything you have done before. A promotional video on a website is usually targeted at a customer. It is highly scripted, selling the product or service, and rarely talks about the people behind the business. Many agencies approach crowdfunding videos in the same way and in our experience it does not work. 

This is different. We approach our videos in a documentary style, ensuring that not only is the concept clearly explained, but also the story behind the business is told in a way that will grip the investor's attention. T


what is the business?

It is so important that the concept of the business is explained. Quickly. We have spoken to many investors who find it so frustrating when entrepreneurs immediately dive into some nuanced detail in the business and then ask if they want to invest, when the investor is still trying to figure out what the business actually does. This is easy for some (a healthy ice cream) but not so easy for others (a blockchain protocol to enable cross blockchain application synergy). 

We have a number of tools to help ensure that the concept is clearly explained in as short amount of time as possible (for example animation or scenario setting scenes). So that we can move on to the other aspects that are often more important o investors before they decide to invest. It is a cliché, but true: the idea is only a tiny part of the story. 

Who is the team behind the business?

In an offline world the investor will probably meet you for a coffee. They will spend the first 3 minutes not listening to a word you say and will instead be trying to figure out what type of person you are, assessing your character and whether they trust you. In this online world, the video is the only bridge that you have; your virtual coffee meeting. And it is vital that your story, why you saw the problem and how you came up with the solution, and ensure that the investor understands that you and your team are absolutely the best people to win in the market you are operating in. 

Every business has a story behind it, and we will ensure that you get to tell it to the investor. 


Where has the business come from, and where is it going next?

You have undoubtedly achieved a lot so far, and it is really important that the investor understands how far you have come already. Every business has so many challenges to overcome just to get off the ground and every one of these milestones that you have achieved helps provide comfort to an investor that you have what it takes to see this through. 

But it is also important to show them where you plan to go. The ambition of the business is just as important as the idea, and an investor will want to see that you are looking to take over the world. An investor is not interested in investing in a lifestyle business, and the video is where we will show them the journey you intend to take them on.